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Cincinnati Reds to have in-stadium nursery for moms attending games (pics)


Bringing an infant to a baseball game obviously can be a challenging, arduous and sometimes harrowing ordeal. The Cincinnati Reds apparently are the first team in Major League Baseball to try to do something to lighten the load and make an enjoyable gameday experience more conducive to all involved parties.

Reds spokesman Michael Anderson told “TODAY” that the team has built a suite in Great American Ball Park devoted to “exclusively as a quiet place for moms to feed and care for their babies.”

Reds executive Phil Castellini reportedly was informed last season that several moms requested a place to accommodate their nursing needs while attending games.

The Reds in response to the request joined forces with Pampers and local homebuilder Fischer Homes to construct the in-stadium nursery, called the Pamers Nursing Suite, to provide a quiet and relaxing environment for nursing mothers who still want to pay attention to the action on the field.

pampers-nursing-suite-3 pampers-nursing-suite

The suite has “five comfortable gliders … [a] private restroom, [a] kitchenette with a sink, ice and refrigeration … and a flat-screen TV so mom doesn’t miss any of the game,” Anderson wrote in an email, per a report.

No word on whether or not dads with infants in tow wearing a breastfeeding device akin to the one donned by Robert De Niro’s Jack Byrnes in “Meet the Fockers” will be granted admittance. Probably not.

The Reds expect the nursery to be ready in time for the team’s home opener on April 6.

[H/T SB Nation, all photos courtesy of the Cincinnati Reds]