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Twins to offer $19 Bloody Mary garnished with a slice of pizza (photo)


The Minnesota Twins have been down this road lined with outrageous adult beverages before, but the team pulled out all the stops on its latest alcoholic drink offering that will be available at Target Field this season.

Minnesota Twins icon Kent Hrbek announced on Twitter that the establishment inside the team’s stadium that bears his surname will sell a Bloody Mary that is flat-out, stupefyingly ridiculous.

Behold, the “College Daze Bloody Mary.”


The beverage that serves as a meal apparently befitting a dormitory — although the $19 charge arguably exceeds the booze budget of the average college student — is described as follows:

“This bloody Mary will bring back the memories (or not)! This cool bloody Mary gets a cold slice of pepperoni pizza, which is just what you need with a bloody Mary! If that wasn’t enough, you get all the other fixings! Beef stick, pepper jack and cheddar cheese cubes, pepperoncini, olive, celery and a pickle spear. Served with a Bud Light beer back.”

As mentioned above, this isn’t the first foray by the Twins, more specifically Hrbek’s, when it comes to delving into the absurd Bloody Mary game. Fans at Target Field previously were able to stroll into Hrbek’s and order themselves a Bloody Mary garnished with a bacon cheeseburger, of all things.

Hrbek also indicated there were a few other new items on his establishment’s menu.

Let’s be honest, though. What else does is really needed when a slice of pizza has been crammed into a Bloody Mary? Not much, really.

[H/T RandBall]