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Butch Harmon concerned Rory McIlroy may be bulking up too much


Butch Harmon recently expressed concern that Rory McIlroy’s intensely focused dedication to reshaping his body could have an adverse effect on the golfer down the road. The renowned golf coach believes bulking up to a such a degree could have similar consequences to how it is speculated that Tiger Woods’ obsession with pumping iron earlier in his career may be causing his body to break down now.

McIlroy, a noted gym rat who has radically transformed his physique over the years from slightly pudgy teenager to chiseled has made it abundantly clear that he takes hitting the gym and working out very seriously.

McIlroy even posted photos to Twitter demonstrating to everyone, including himself, just how far he has come since he burst on to the professional golf season as a baby-faced teen phenom.

As have others…

And pundits, observers, PGA Tour colleagues and fans have been taking notice as well. Golf Digest even depicted him as Michelangelo’s David on a recent cover, for crying out loud.

This is a source of great concern for Harmon, who expressed his reservations about McIlroy getting too bulked up like his former pupil Woods in a recent interview with “Off The Ball,” a radio show in Ireland.

“I think everybody that’s any good needs the strength in the core of their body,” Harmon said, as transcribed by SB Nation. “That helps support your back and your back is not geared for making a golf swing thousands and thousands of times and you have to have the strength in your core to handle that.”

And if McIlroy keeps it up to such a maniacal degree, Harmon is concerned the golfer may be headed down the same path as Woods.

“If you look at Tiger and how much stronger he got as he went on, you look at Rory the way he is now,” Harmon said. “The only caution I would give Rory is, I see a lot of pictures of him lifting a lot of very heavy weights and I think, in a way, you can almost hurt yourself in the gym if you get too bulky.

“Hopefully, he will keep his body tone down, more like a Dustin Johnson, who’s in absolutely perfect physical shape to play golf,” Harmon said.

A video posted this week by Nike Training showcasing McIlroy’s workout regimen doesn’t give the indication the golfer has any plans at slowing down anytime soon.

“I have no ambitions to try and squat 500 pounds like some guys you see,” McIlroy says in the Nike video. “I do enough and I’m strong enough to control the golf club the whole way through my swing. That’s basically what I need to do.”