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Enough already, baseball teams: Astros introduce Chicken & Waffle Cone (pic)


In a spring buildup to what just might be the most potentially fattening, Rolaids-grabbing, cholesterol count-spiking, heart attack-inducing and angioplasty-prompting summers at the ballpark ever, the Houston Astros have come along and announced that the Chicken & Waffle Cone will be available at Minute Maid Park this season.

And yes, it is almost exactly what it sounds like: It’s a reinvented, re-imagined version of the classic chicken and waffles. If features fried chicken (it appears to be in bite or strip form) stuffed into a waffle cone along with mashed potatoes that is then slathered in honey mustard. What? No sausage gravy? What gives?

Not much is known about the particular item except its appearance, but the odds are good it will sell for about 12 bucks and will vastly exceed daily caloric recommendations, not to mention that it will be an absolutely delicious and decadent gutbomb of a ballpark treat. Goodness gracious.Do you know what would be great to wash down a Chicken & Waffle Cone? A Bloody Mary garnished with a slice of pizza, which was introduced this week by the Minnesota Twins. Only in America!

The rolling-out of crazy new concession items clearly is becoming a time-honored rite of spring baseball, and as noted above, there has been a bumper crop of whacked-out new offerings so far this season. Of course that is easy to ascertain given the best new item is something called a Fried S’mOreo, for crying out loud. Although we mustn’t forget about the Krispy Kreme Donut Dog, either, obviously.

The above paragraph was taken completely verbatim from a SoB post earlier this week about the Milwaukee Brewers rolling out the “Down Wisconsin Avenue Brat” and “Inside the Park Nachos,” because, to be perfectly frank, I’m running out of superlatives and finding ways of expressing the stupefaction brought upon by discovering yet another completely absurd ballpark concession item. Good grief.

[H/T Big League Stew]