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Vikings’ ‘legacy brick’ design site yields predictably snarky results (pics)


The Minnesota Vikings have started a program where fans can purchase a “Legacy Brick” to be placed outside the team’s new downtown Minneapolis stadium, which is slated to open in time for the 2016 season. It’s certainly not an uncommon practice, as a handful of teams in other sports have offered similar opportunities to fans for display plaques, bricks or whatnot either inside or outside their stadiums.

Vikings fans who want to feel like they are tangential part of the $1 billion sports palace will be allowed to add their own custom, personalized inscription to the “Legacy Brick,” and depending on the size and type, the cost of a brick ranges from $160 to $360.

The bricks will be located in the three-acre plaza nearby the pivoting giant glass doors that are one of the design hallmarks of the new stadium.

To help those interested visualize what their brick will appear, the team set up a site where fans cantest your inscription on a live Minnesota Legacy brick and see what others are putting on theirs.”

Of course, snarky Internet wiseacres couldn’t help themselves and had loads of fun uploading sarcastic and hilarious messages.

Some examples:

Many of the snarky mock bricks may require a working knowledge of the Vikings’ heartbreaking history — as well as the controversy surrounding the glass being installed on the exterior may be dangerous to migrating birds — to fully understand them, but many are based on well-known incidents in the team lore. Great stuff.

But the best part? The Vikings demonstrated a pretty good sense of humor about the entire snarky spectacle, posting its own custom brick in response.

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