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Ronda Rousey on wanting to have kids one day: ‘I’m an ovarian goldmine’


Ronda Rousey may be intensely focused on her MMA career at this stage in her life, but the UFC Women’s Bantamweight Champion insists she can envision a time in the future when she’ll want to have children.

In fact, Rousey jokingly suggested during a wide-ranging interview that she might be doing humanity a great disservice by not having kids.

When asked by espnW’s Allison Glock if she wants to have kids some day, Rousey made no bones about her desire to do so.

“Definitely,” Rousey replied. “I’m an ovarian goldmine. I can’t waste these genes.”

Rousey, who shared she is a licensed bartender, enjoyed prickly pear margaritas with her interviewer at a Texas restaurant. When asked what size of margarita she wanted, Rousey exhibited the bravado that has helped make her a superstar.

“Uh, large,” she said. “I’m f—— Ronda Rousey. [Laughs.] I’m officially changing my name to “F—— Ronda Rousey.”

A multitude of topics were covered in the interview, including how she is the first MMA athlete to nab a fashion sponsorship, how she once lived in her car, how she dropped out of high school, how she suffered with body image issues until she was 22, among other things.

The UFC champ also discussed her romantic history.

“Any guy that I’ve ever really been into, I never liked him at first. I grow into liking people,” Rousey said. “And I’m not into guys from afar. People are always asking me about my celebrity crush, and I’m like, I don’t know. I can say people are cute. Brad Pitt is a sculpture of a man, but I’m not squealing “Oh my God!” because I don’t know him. I have to know somebody to have a crush on him.”

When asked if she has bad taste in men, Rousey replied, “Well, I’m single, so …”

Glock notes at one point during the interview that Rousey was passing the time at some earlier point by watching Ryan Gosling GIFs.

“Mmm, we do love us some Ryan Gosling,” she cracked.

When asked why, Rousey said she wasn’t sure.

“I don’t know,” she said. “Why is a margarita delicious? What can I say? It just f—— is, man.”


Coming off her dominating victory over Cat Zingano at UFC 184 in a tidy 14 seconds, Rousey is the toast of the sports world at the moment and arguably one of its most interesting athletes, male or female. The very candid and insightful interview with Glock certainly provides ample evidence how her personality outside the Octagon makes her as compelling as she is inside of it.

(photo credit:Esther Lin, MMA Fighting)