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Jeff Van Gundy likens Thunder to One Direction because he’s hip like that (vid)


One wouldn’t suspect it by his appearance, but Jeff Van Gundy is one hip and happening hepcat. One needn’t look any further for evidence than how the ESPN NBA game analyst likened how the Oklahoma City Thunder have been able to carry on despite the absence of superstar Kevin Durant to how the boy band One Direction likely will survive and prosper in the aftermath of the stunning departure of Zayn Malik.

“Can One Direction bounce back after Zayn leaving the band today? It’s the same thing as Oklahoma City withstanding some adversity with Durant out to continue on with greatness,” Van Gundy said, tying together the biggest entertainment news of the day and a prominent NBA storyline in one fell swoop, like some kind of pop culture maestro.

Seriously, get this guy a gig as an entertainment sports reporter on “E! News” or whatever.

The only question remaining is which One Direction member would Van Gundy liken to Russell Westbrook? Tough call, man.

Meanwhile, on the court, the Thunder were manhandled by the San Antonio Spurs and got blown out by a score of 130-91. OKC announced last week that Kevin Durant has been removed from all basketball activities and is out indefinitely. In the grand scheme of things, odds are better that the Thunder will be able to survive the setback better than One Direction will endure Zayn leaving the group.

Then again, how would I know? It would be better to ask some preteen girl about that kind of stuff anyway.

As far as Van Gundy is concerned, though, this guy continues to dazzle us with his dabbling in pop culture phenomena. How about the time he claimed that Rihanna was stalking him? Or when he showed how he was down with the hipster set by rocking some pretty slick glasses (above) during a broadcast?

It’s Jeff Van Gundy’s world, folks. Better just hang on and enjoy the ride.

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