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Darrelle Revis lightened the mood during interview by admitting he had gas


While making candid comments about serious issues during a radio interview, Darrelle Revis on Wednesday lightened the mood by cavalierly admitting he was experiencing a bout with gas.

“I’m sorry,” Revis said a little more than midway through an interview on the “Michael Kay Show” on ESPN Radio. “I’ve got a little gas, I’m sorry.”

It certainly made for a lighthearted moment in a serious conversation in which the New York Jets cornerback took a jab at the New England Patriots when explaining how the return to his former team came to fruition.

“I had the option, $20 million option, that they could exercise and they didn’t. We tried to work on a deal. And the deal, we felt that it wasn’t in the ballpark of what we were looking for,” he said. “And we moved on, they moved on, too.”

While Revis was brutally honest about how the deal offered by the Patriots was lowball in nature in his perspective, the cornerback was tight-lipped about another more dicey issue. Revis was hesitant to comment on how the Patriots and Jets have filed dueling tampering charges with him as the central figure in the battle.

“I don’t know,” he said. “I guess we’ve just got to see how it plays out.”

The interview certainly was interesting and a lot of ground was covered, but the most memorable aspect of it of course will be Revis lightening the mood by possibly floating an air biscuit.

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