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Sports radio host on CSN Chicago’s Aiyana Cristal: I ‘enjoy her giant boobs’


Two Chicago sports radio hosts are receiving a vicious backlash as a consequence of making some incredibly crude and misogynistic comments on Twitter about a Comcast Sports Net Chicago anchor and reporter.

Matt Spiegel, co-host of “The Spiegel & Goff Show,” and Dan Bernstein, co-host of “The Boers and Bernstein Show” — both airing on 670 The Score — held an offensive conversation about Aiyana Cristal which took a shameful downturn into not only disparaging her work but degrading and demeaning her by discussing her physical appearance.

A Chicago-Sun Times report notes that “[f]or those who regularly listen to Bernstein’s afternoon show, the tweets may not be surprising. But Bernstein usually stands on the moral high ground, criticizing Penn State in the wake of the Jerry Sandusky scandal and, more recently, scolding the Bears for signing controversial lineman Ray McDonald.”

Obviously, the comments he made on social media clearly were beyond the pale when it comes to tasteless and irredeemable conduct.

ESPN’s Michelle Beadle, no stranger to calling out sports media colleagues for offensive behavior, took to Twitter to slam the radio hosts.

Spiegel has since apologized for his part of the Twitter conversation.

Despite the apology, odds are good both Spiegel and Bernstein will incur more wrath for their behavior, both on social media and probably from their bosses at 670 The Score as well.