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Astros catcher Jason Castro asked to prom in case of mistaken identity (photo)


Houston Astros catcher Jason Castro may have been flattered by the gesture — even if it was a case of mistaken identity — but has nevertheless politely declined an accidental invite to prom.

Castro happened upon his car adorned with “P-R-O-M?” spelled out with Post-It Notes.

This prom invitation wasn’t nearly as outlandish and over-the-top as these kind of requests tend to be in this day and age, but it was still clever. Hopefully, the person behind the invite figured out their error and issued their request to the correct potential invitee, because, as noted above, Castro indicated he would not be going to the big dance.

Whether his declining of the invite had to do with a timing conflict — what with the baseball season about to begin — or some other reason altogether (more likely), Castro at least hopes he gets a new Twitter follower out of the mix-up.

Good stuff.

[H/T Ultimate Astros]