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Vikings head coach Mike Zimmer: ‘We have no plans to trade Adrian’


In an increasingly contentious and very public back-and-forth between the Minnesota Vikings and the Adrian Peterson camp, Mike Zimmer again toed the company line and reiterated that the team has no intent of trading the running back … or at least won’t publicly be declaring it.

Zimmer, speaking on Wednesday from the NFL owners meeting in Phoenix, Ariz., declared that Peterson should be expected to honor the contract he signed with team. The running back’s deal with the team has three years remaining with the balance of $45 million — none of it guaranteed.

“We have no plans to trade Adrian,” Zimmer stated, reportedly emphatically.

The head coach seemed to state he really doesn’t pay any mind to Peterson’s reported desires to break ties with the Vikings.

“I’m not going to speculate on what he wants or doesn’t want,” Zimmer said, via ESPN. “Adrian’s under contract for three more years with us and that’s why you sign those contracts. That’s why you get these big bonuses, you know?”

The saga involving Peterson’s future with the Vikings obviously has taken several twists and turns in recent days, mostly indicating that an ugly breakup may be inevitable. “We want out of Minnesota,” said Ben Dogra, Peterson’s agent, earlier this week.

Meanwhile, Vikings general manager Rick Spielman on Monday dug in his heels and echoed earlier comments made by not only himself but Zimmer as well that the team expects Peterson to be in a Vikings uniform next season. Zimmer and Spielman traveled to Texas a few weeks ago to meet with Peterson. The running back has also met with ownership as well.

Despite every indication pointing to Peterson being with a different team next season, the Vikings hold all the cards regarding his future and stubbornly refuse to accept his time in Minnesota is all but finished. Zimmer added that when it’s all said and done, Peterson will want his legacy to be about his time with the Vikings.

“I think when he goes into the Hall of Fame, he’s going to want to go in with the jersey that everyone remembers him as,” Zimmer said. “That will be as a Viking.”

While that’s all well and good — and perhaps even possible — the fact that the sides are refusing to budge doesn’t bode well for a quick resolution of the matter. With the respective parties repeatedly reiterating their vastly disparate stances, expecting anyone from either side to change their tone or message at this point seems unlikely.

In a way, seeking additional comments from either the Vikings or Peterson’s camp at this point is akin to beating a dead horse. Or perhaps “beating a dead camel” would be more apropos in this instance.



(photo credit: AP Photo/Mark Zaleski)