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Tom Coughlin makes stereotypical old guy comment about iPhone’s Siri


New York Giants head coach Tom Coughlin is one of the most experienced and respected head coaches in the NFL, which means of course he can’t be one the younger guys among his colleagues. At 68 years of age, Coughlin may be a spry senior citizen but he is nevertheless no spring chicken.

Still, Coughlin is of course knowledgeable, learned and wise, meaning he is clearly capable of utilizing current technology. But in a completely unfair way, he became a unintentional spokesperson for his generation with recent comments he made about his iPhone, mostly in relation to the untrustworthy nature of Siri.

Couglin acknowledged that he does in fact own an iPhone and knows how to send texts and make calls on it. But he then made a stereotypical old person comment about his phone’s virtual personal assistant.

“Coughlin says he doesn’t trust Siri because ‘she never sends you the right way,'” wrote the New York Post’s Bart Hubbuch on Twitter.

You can almost picture Coughlin making his patented confused look whenever Siri sends him the wrong way.

It’s not that the Giants head coach’s observation about the unreliability of Siri is inaccurate — he’s actually right in many respects — it simply is amusing given the juxtaposition of his age and the assumed inability of older generations to utilize technology. The only thing that would have made his comments funnier is if he would have sprinkled a “daggumitt” or “consarn it” into his commentary.

Now everyone get off Coughlin’s lawn. And don’t use Siri to tell you which way to go. Consarn it.

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