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Omri Casspi makes up for crashing into girl in stands with ‘Frozen’ doll (pic)


If there’s a surefire way in this day and age to make a little girl feel a lot better about an unfortunate situation, one can’t go wrong with incorporating a little “Frozen” magic into an effort to make things right. Sacramento Kings forward Omri Casspi clearly understands this undeniable fact.

During Sunday’s game against the Washington Wizards at Sleep Train Arena, Casspi was sent toppling off the court and into the stands courtesy of a shove from Paul Pierce. His momentum caused him to crash into a cameraman who in turn crashed into a little girl seated along the baseline.

The poor little girl understandably was a little shaken by the frightening event and on Tuesday, Casspi made things right with the innocent victim of the up close and personal experience of rough basketball play.

Yep, during a meet and greet, Casspi gave her an Elsa doll, even though he hardly was at fault for what happened and the blame lies with Pierce.

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“Had to make sure she’s not mad at me after I crashed at her during the game… and what’s a better gift than princess Elsa and Ulaf from #Frozen,” Casspi wrote in an Instagram post.

Well played, sir. Even after all this time, “Frozen” can make even the worst situations right.

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