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New pics of Jameis Winston shirtless likely to spark fat rumors again (photos)


A photograph (above) that hit the Internet a few months back of Jameis Winston sans shirt ignited a speculative firestorm that the quarterback may be overweight. Some recent photos posted to social media by none other than Winston himself may reignite said speculation.

The 21-year-old on Tuesday uploaded two pics to Instgram of himself fraternizing with some pals on a football field. Clad in Camo shorts and a headband, Winston hardly bears the chiseled physique of a Renaissance statue depicting the classical male form.

A photo posted by Jaboo Winston (@jaboowins5) on


A photo posted by Jaboo Winston (@jaboowins5) on

Then again, it isn’t like he’s rocking a huge spare tire, either. A little pudgy perhaps, but not anything that should cause concern.

Measurements of Winston taken at the NFL Scouting Combine in February had the quarterback measuring 6’3 3/4″ and 231 pounds, which given his sizable frame, hardly justifies any sensible critique that Winston was fat at the time.

Winston even commented on the original controversy in which it was speculated he was a fatty-fatty-boombalatty during a press conference at the Combine, downplaying the notion he was overweight.

“A lot of people thought I was fat,” Winston said at the time. “But I’m proving everybody wrong. I look good and I know it.”

Can’t fault him for trying to rise above the controversy.

But these latest photos surely will give rise to another round of snark-fueled and cynical commentary about Winston’s fitness. In the end, though, it’s highly unlikely a majority of NFL teams are going to turn tail and not draft the incredibly skilled signal-caller early on in the first round of the 2015 NFL Draft, even if he is carrying a few extra pounds during the offseason.