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Rex Ryan: Brother Rob’s long hair, belly holding him back


Rex Ryan of course is well known for telling it like it is, speaking plainly about any number of issues. His patented frankness and brutal honesty apparently applies to critiquing members of his own family as well.

The new Buffalo Bills head coach, while speaking on Tuesday at the NFL owners meetings, said that stubbornness, not ability, his holding back Rob Ryan, the current New Orleans Saints defensive coordinator and his fraternal twin brother, from ascending the ranks and landing a head coaching gig.

“He won’t get his hair cut and is keeping that belly,” Ryan opined, according to FOX Sports’ Mike Garafolo, via the New York Post. “[He said] ‘I’m gonna be a head coach and do it my way.’ [And I said], No you’re not. It’s unfortunate. I’m still trying to get that message across to him.”

Rex Ryan famously revealed during the 2014 offseason that he had lost a total 130 pounds after undergoing lap-band surgery two years earlier.

Rob Ryan in 2014 seemingly acknowledged his hair may be an issue after reports indicated it may serve as a deterrent to landing a head coaching job, but said he wasn’t going to cut it anytime soon simply to succumb to “peer pressure.

While some may beg to differ that only his long hair and bulging belly is holding Rob Ryan back — the Saints’ defense struggled mightily last year under his watch, prompting speculation that he was set to be fired at season’s end — it is true that his maverick style and appearance arguably could cause some teams to hesitate before hiring him, whether it’s for a coordinator’s position or a head coaching job.

This wasn’t even the first time brother Rob’s appearance has been fodder for comments from Rex. During a 2013 presser ahead of a Jets-Saints showdown, Ryan, then Gang Green’s head coach, held up an unflattering sign and cracked a fat joke at Rob’s expense. Apparently as far as taking potshots at one another, anything goes when it comes to the Ryan boys … at least in Rex’s eyes.