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Milwaukee Brewers unveil ginormous brat, wacky ‘nachos’ (pics)

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It’s a banner year thus far as it relates to the tantalizingly tempting and gastronomically gut-busting treats baseball teams are set to unleash upon fans this upcoming seasons, emptying their wallets while turbocharging their cholesterol counts.

The Milwaukee Brewers are the latest team to join the fray by introducing two new concession items that will be available to fans attending games at Miller Park.

The first of the two items is the Down Wisconsin Avenue Brat, a ballpark treat that screams Wisconsin so loudly it’s surprising it isn’t topped with a Packers’ foam Cheesehead hat.


The absence of a mini Cheesehead hat notwithstanding, the Brewers’ new brat offering boasts several condiments that arguably make it a quintessentially Wisconsin treat.

As you can see, the item begins with a brat the length of four baseballs that is topped with fries, gravy, cheese curds and sauerkraut and then slathered with cheese sauce, sour cream, fried jalapenos and chives. Yum, but also, “Holy heart attack, Batman!” Or, perhaps the exclamation more fittingly should be directed at Bernie Brewer, not the Caped Crusader.

Next up, the “Inside the Park Nachos,” named so due to the fact that it is a nachos-based offering but all the taco meat goodies are packed inside a crust comprised of Doritos. The deep-fried treat is then topped with cheese and sour cream and served with a side of salsa.


Goodness gracious. The item obviously changes the game for ballpark nachos, which often are a heap of chips topped with meat and condiments all sloppily dumped into an upside-down batting helmet, which can be found regulation-sized.

The rolling-out of crazy new concession items clearly is becoming a time-honored rite of spring baseball, and as noted above, there has been a bumper crop of whacked-out new offerings so far this season. Of course that is easy to ascertain given the best new item is something called a Fried S’mOreo, for crying out loud. Although we mustn’t forget about the Krispy Kreme Donut Dog, either, obviously.

[H/T Big League Stew, photos courtesy of Delaware North]