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Tigers roll out oddest new concession item: Deviled eggs on slab of bacon (pic)


We’ve had a bumper crop of new concession items baseball teams across the country will tempt fans with at ballparks over the course of the season. Some have been amazingly innovative, others temptingly fattening (actually most boast a high calorie count), but as far as bizarrely off-the-wall, none have dared to test the palates of potential eaters than a new offering introduced by the Detroit Tigers that will be available at Comerica Park.

The Bacon and Eggs.

Sure, bacon and eggs are an iconic breakfast pairing, but the twist the Tigers have made on the morning meal staple is sure to elicit quizzical looks and possibly reluctant bellies when fans happen upon the new item.

The Tigers’ take on bacon and eggs involves a slab of bacon on a stick topped by three deviled eggs garnished with fried jalapeno peppers.

Um, yum? What an odd, odd offering.

But that’s not all for the new items the Tigers will roll out at Comerica this season. And as the Detroit Free-Press noted, the overriding theme is … you guessed it, bacon.

“Besides the bacon and eggs, Tigers concessionaire Sportservice will be offering other new items: pork rinds with queso cheese dip, the Chips-n-Dip Dog (a hot dog topped with Lays chips and onion dip) and the Coney Quesadilla (basically a coney in a grilled tortilla),” the report reads.

Behold, the pork rinds:


As noted above, it’s been a banner year so far when it concerns new concession items. Like the Tigers, the Texas Rangers are going all-in on bacon this season with a Just Bacon stand. But the Rangers arguably have the most tantalizingly tempting new item in the Fried S’mOreo, which is just has ridiculous — and awesome — as it sounds.

Suffice to say, while the Tigers’ version of Bacon and Eggs is definitely unique and may in fact be a tasty treat, it will not be mistaken for a Churro Dog, obviously.