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Kris Bryant gives bat to little boy who claims to be his No. 1 fan (pics/vids)


Chicago Cubs ├╝ber-prospect Kris Bryant gave a young fan a thrill for the ages on Thursday by not only giving the wee lad one of his bats but later coming over and signing it.

The name of the youngster in question is the six-year-old of fan Jason Witt. The boy claims to be Bryant’s No. 1 fan and was at the Cubs’ “B” game Thursday with his dad in some pretty nice seats, even witnessing the 23-year-old third baseman smack a home run.

Witt’s son apparently was hollering at Bryant all game, informing the ballplayer that he was Bryant’s No. 1 fan. Bryant must have heard, because after breaking his bat on a ground out later in the game, he gave the bat to the boy, much to the young man’s obvious thrill (above).

But the story gets even better. Bryant later came over and autographed the bat.

Evidence of Bryant’s autograph on the piece of lumber the boy probably will sleep with every night if his dad let him.

Bryant even gave Witt — or better put, the man’s son — in a later tweet.


Bryant’s name has been in the news for a lot of reasons, mostly due to the fact that once he makes it to the major leagues he is sure to become a star. Other reasons his young career has been a hot topic relates to how the Cubs are handling him, with some arguing he won’t make the team out of spring training because the team is manipulating Bryant’s service time to push out his free agency one year.

Superagent Scott Boras, who represents Bryant, slammed the Cubs this week, saying the team is “damaging the ethics and brand of Major League Baseball” with it presumed decision to send Bryant down before Opening Day.

All that controversy aside, it’s nice to see Bryant’s name in the news for a good reason, not as part of a pissing match between ownership and agent.

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