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Kevin Durant experiencing foot soreness, imminent return in doubt


It was generally believed that the Oklahoma City Thunder were expecting an imminent return of Kevin Durant to the court. After experiencing soreness in his surgically repaired right, Durant was held out of practice on Thursday. The timetable of his expected return has been put in doubt, and not in a good way from the team’s perspective.

Thunder head coach Scott Brooks used the word “setback” to describe what Durant has experienced, adding that rehabilitation following surgery can be fraught with “peaks and valleys.”

As noted in a report on Durant’s latest “setback,” Brooks said last Wednesday that Durant may be good to go “in a a week or two.” Given the events of Thursday, that may be unlikely.

“I don’t know that yet,” Brooks said on Thursday. “But with all of our players’ injuries we’ll always take the best interest of the players and always have a cautious approach.”

It will four weeks on Sunday since Durant underwent a second surgery on his troubled right foot to alleviate soreness following a procedure in October after being diagnosed with Jones fracture, causing him to miss the first 17 games of the season. All told, Durant has played in only 27 games this season.

Durant, meanwhile, all but guaranteed he would be back this season during an interview two weeks ago. The foot soreness certainly call his assurances into question.

“It’s all part of it right now. We’ll know more each day,” Brooks said. “I think it’s all part of the process of getting back onto the court. That’s all it is right now.”

The team has carried on fairly well despite the superstar’s continued absence, primarily by relying on Russell Westbrook, who is consistently putting up MVP-caliber numbers, practically on a nightly basis. The Thunder (38-30) currently sits as the eighth seed in the Western Conference. Having Durant back before the regular season’s end certainly would bolster their postseason aspirations.

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