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Deron Williams: Notion that Kentucky would make NBA playoffs ‘ridiculous’


Deron Williams and the Brooklyn Nets are in the midst of desperately frantic task of trying to remain in the chase for a playoff berth. Despite a 27-39 record, the Nets nevertheless remain on the outskirts of relevancy when it comes to stealing the eighth seed in the Eastern Conference, trailing the Boston Celtics by 2.5 games.

This may be why the Nets point guard seemed greatly irritated, even offended, by SMU Mustangs head coach Larry Brown’s notion that the Kentucky Wildcats are so good that the college team could qualify for the NBA playoffs if they played in the league’s Eastern Conference.

“I don’t want to put pressure on John,” Brown said earlier this week about Kentucky’s pro ball playoff prospects. “I feel real close to him. I’m so proud of what he’s done. I think they’d honestly make the playoffs in the Eastern Conference if they were in the NBA.”

Williams clearly was no fan of Brown’s opinion.

“That’s very ridiculous,” Williams said following the team’s shootaround, as quoted in the New York Daily News. “The Cavs had three No. 1 picks last year (actually two), and they didn’t make the playoffs. It sounds good. Could they win a game at some point in the season? Yeah. I’m saying they could probably win a game. Maybe. Once, twice.”

Williams, still fired up by Brown’s observation, said he would like the Wildcats to actually meet the Nets in the gym for a showdown.

“There’s no way. I wish they would come in here,” he said. “They’re really good. They are really good. Don’t let me take anything away from them. But that’s just crazy. When you have a team full of 18-, 19-year-olds it’s just completely different. You’re going to catch a team tired one night, on a back-to-back, four games in five nights, then they could give them a run. But making the East? Making the playoffs? Playoffs!?”

All references aside to Williams sounding positively Jim Mora-esque with his “playoffs!?” comments, the odds of Williams’ wishes coming to fruition are about as remote as Kentucky actually would be able to compete with NBA teams over the balance of a full season.

(photo credit: Streeter Lecka/Getty Images)