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Derek Jeter, Hannah Davis take in sumo match in Japan (photo)

Derek Jeter is living large in his retirement by enjoying a battle of wills, strength and balance between incredibly large men. With girlfriend Hannah Davis by his side, the retired New York Yankees icon took in a sumo match in Japan. And by the look on his face as one of the sizable sumo wrestlers ambled by him, Jeter was equally impressed and a bit taken aback by the formidable sight.

Jeter is in Japan to support former teammate Hideki Matsui’s charity baseball game this weekend. The game, to be played Saturday in Tokyo, raises funds to support 2011’s earthquake and tsunami that rocked the region.

Before the charity game, though, Jeter and his supermodel girlfriend paid a visit to Osaka to take in matches at the Spring Grand Sumo Tournament, per a New York Post report.

During the couple’s attendance at the tourney, Jeter posed for a photograph with sumo wrestler Mongolian yokozuna Hakuho.

Jeter met several other sumo wrestlers during his visit, but two of them clearly were not big fans of American baseball, as neither appeared quite sure of Jeter’s identity (via the Japan Times):

Chiyomaru, a 16th-ranked maegashira wrestler, shook Jeter’s hand without knowing who he was.

“I didn’t realize who it was,” Chiyomaru told reporters. “You have to tell me earlier.”

Top-ranked maegashira Tochiozan recognized Jeter as a ballplayer but was fuzzy on the details.

“He was a catcher or something like that, wasn’t he?” Tochiozan asked with a straight face.

Ha. Catcher. Jeter probably enjoyed not being recognized for once, though.

Some more images of Jeter and Davis enjoying the matches.

The looks on their faces in that one pic are priceless.

(top image credit: AFP/Getty Images)