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Bryce Harper again named by fellow players as most overrated MLBer


For the second straight season, Bryce Harper has been voted as the most overrated player in the major leagues, according to a poll conducted by ESPN The Magazine, according to a report from D.C. Sports Bog.

MLB players, 117 in all, were anonymously polled for the magazine’s baseball preview issue on a variety of topics and the Washington Nationals young superstar was deemed the “most overrated player in MLB” by a wide margin.

A whopping 41 percent of players polled declared the Nationals outfielder as baseball’s most overrated player. And it wasn’t even close, as Los Angeles Dodgers star Yasiel Puig only garnered 15 percent of the vote.

The results of this year’s poll mirrors how the vote turned out ahead of last season, with both Harper and Puig holding on to their respective 1-2 spots, although Harper only eked out “victory” in receiving the unwelcome designation by mere percentage points (24 percent to Puig’s 21 percent).

Harper’s arguable overconfidence came back and bit him earlier this season when he boldly asked where his World Series ring was after the team brought in Max Scherzer to cement an already formidable starting rotation. He responded to the backlash by suggesting everyone wants to see him and the Nationals fail.

Harper obviously is a talented but brash young player and seemingly has the capacity to rub folks the wrong way … from media members to fans to apparently his fellow players — incidents like this one from last season’s playoffs certainly don’t help in that regard.

The 22-year-old arguably hasn’t achieved nor accomplished enough in his young career to warrant the attention he has received, but it’s hardly his fault he is so heavily hyped, sometimes by the same media members that so often condemn him for being an overly cocky never-has.

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