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Cheese the only thing more popular than Aaron Rodgers in Wisconsin, poll says


A survey of just over 1,000 Wisconsin residents revealed an interesting factoid, albeit a stereotypically amusing one: The only thing more popular than Aaron Rodgers in the Green Bay Packers’ home state is, you guessed it, cheese.

They don’t call it America’s Dairyland for nothing.

The poll, conducted Public Policy Polling, surveyed 1,071 Wisconsin residents, discovered that 79% of participants had a favorable opinion of Rodgers. Cheese, meanwhile boasted an 80% rating.

While beer (64%, same as the Milwaukee Brewers) would have been a good stab at guessing the only thing in Wisconsin that is more popular than the Packers signal-caller, only cheese reigned supreme over the QB.

Meting out the results, of the remaining residents outside the 79% who favor Rodgers, 15% weren’t sure about him while 6% indicated they weren’t fond of Rodgers. That minority must have been residents living on either the Illinois or Minnesota border … you know, Bears and Vikings fans or whatever.

Rodgers’ 79% favorable rating in the recent survey is a significant drop-off from 2011 when 89% of Wisconsin residents indicated they had a favorable opinion of the Packers quarterback. Of course, that was the year Rodgers led the Packers to victory in Super Bowl XLV, a game in which he was named MVP.

Only Jesus Christ and Abraham Lincoln polled higher in Wisconsin in that year. Hardly surprising, given the undying loyalty and devotion Wisconsinites have for their beloved Packers.

[ESPN, photo credit: Rich Gabrielson/Icon SMI]