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NFL columnist: Johnny Manziel should request trade from Browns

Johnny Manziel

Bleacher Report NFL National Lead Writer Mike Freeman suggested on Monday in a column that Johnny Manziel would be wise to demand a trade from the Cleveland Browns.

Freeman believes that even if Manziel successfully completes rehabilitation and returns to the team better prepared to take ownership of his NFL career, the Browns franchise is such a “dumpster fire” that the second-year quarterback will have no chance at succeeding.

Manziel, Freeman observes, will return to a Browns have done so little to surround Manziel — or any quarterback for that matter — with the talent necessary for success that playing in that offense ultimately will deep-six his career.

Freeman compares Manziel in the column to “Eddie Haskel,” in other words, “a tremendous phony who always said the right things but rarely meant it.”

“I think people will see that he’s a different guy now,” a person familiar with Manziel‘s situation reportedly told Freeman. Perhaps that is so. And even if not, Freeman insists the Browns ultimately will be at fault if Manziel fails in Cleveland.

Freeman pulls no punches when lambasting the ineptitude of the Browns organization, referring to the team with unflattering and caustic terms such as “clown show,” among others.

He also characterizes the lack of talent on the outside of the offense — Brian Hartline, Andrew Hawkins, Jim Dray, Gary Barnidge and Taylor Gabriel — as “receiving putridity.”

Freeman, while acknowledging that Manziel was “terrible” in his five appearances last season, notes that he genuinely feels sorry for the young man, even though the quarterback has behaved like a “cocky sum-a-b.”

Ultimately, the tone of Freeman’s scathing commentary indicates he believes the only chance Manziel can enjoy a productive NFL career is to get out of Cleveland, even though the organization has supported Manziel publicly as he deals with rehabilitation.

But the Browns are such a mess, Freeman contends, that Manziel will have no choice but to move on. And if he has to demand a trade to effectuate his departure, so be it.