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Nightmare Fuel

Golf course superintendent discovers snake nestled in hole (photo)


Being a golf course superintendent can be a largely thankless job. Day in, day out, from sunup to sundown, these folks oversee the condition of the entire course as they toil endlessly to ensure that the greens, the fairways, the bunkers, everything is in pristine condition.

With that in mind, it is understandable why even the most dedicated superintendent may elect to shirk one of their countless duties. One only has to ask one Ed Martinez, superintendent of Deerwood Golf Course in Kingwood, Texas, how such an occasion may arise.

Martinez was taking care of his many responsibilities on March 13 when, while making the rounds and moving the location of a hole, he happened upon a completely frightening sight:

A snake with its head menacingly poking out of the bottom of the cup.

“Yep not changing this cup today!! #hatesnakes” Martinez wrote on Twitter attaching evidence of the truly terrifying experience. It’s unclear exactly how the snake made its way into the hole and ended up in that position, but quite frankly, it doesn’t matter.

Again, it makes perfect sense why the pin placement on this particular hole remained unchanged on that day. Regardless of one’s particular opinion of snakes, there’s no way anyone should be expected to deal with that nightmarish scenario.

But here’s the question: What’s more terrifying? Happening upon a snake-infested hole or watching a ginormous, prehistoric-looking alligator ambling across a green, something that recently occurred at a Florida golf course? Let’s call it a toss-up.