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Floyd Mayweather paying chef $1,000 per meal ahead of Pacquiao fight


Floyd Mayweather isn’t known as “Money” without good reason. It’s a fitting nickname of course due to the millions upon millions of dollars he’s earned during his boxing career. His flamboyant approach to flaunting his wealth — not to mention his penchant for wagering obscenely fat stacks of his earning on sporting events — certainly help provide his nickname’s legitimacy.

His nickname apparently also is a fitting moniker for the boxer in light of how much he’ll pony up to have a personal chef on call 24/7 ahead of his bout against Manny Pacquiao on May 2.

TMZ reports that Mayweather is paying a personal chef a whopping $1,000 per meal until the fight. Given that 46 days remain until the highly anticipated bout, TMZ calculates at an estimated four meals per day, it will cost $184,000 to keep said personal chef on Team Mayweather’s payroll.

The personal chef set to experience a substantial financial windfall goes by the name of Chef Q and she will be at Mayweather’s beck and call until the fight.

“My daily schedule for Floyd is ‘There is no schedule’ … I am here for him anytime. 24 hours, 7 days a week,” she said. “If he needs me at 3am, I am there cooking up breakfast.”

Discussing the boxer’s intended meal plan leading up to his bout with Pacquiao, Chef Q indicated Mayweather is approaching this fight differently than he has in the past.

“He’s always been mindful of what he eats but there is something different about this fight,” Chef Q said.

He has even cut out fast food, his weakness, entirely, with quality fresh ingredients as the starting point for Mayweather’s fight diet this time around.

“He likes everything fresh,” Chef Q said. “Nothing from bottles or cans because they have different preservatives that are not healthy for your body.”

Mayweather even is incorporating other health food crazes into his diet, illustrated by how the fighter is “really big on juicing right now.”

It certainly seems like Mayweather understands that this fight, years in the making, arguably is the most important bout in his career.

But a thousand bucks a plate? Chef Q says Mayweather must have “felt my dishes were worth that much.”