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Milwaukee Brewers ban high-fives to contain potential pinkeye epidemic


After pitching coach Rick Kranitz and catcher Jonathan Lucroy on Thursday became the latest members of the Milwaukee Brewers to develop pinkeye, the team has instituted a policy of that bans high-fives in the forseeable future to help contain the expanding epidemic, according to an AP report.

The Brewers not only are suffering from an outbreak of conjunctivitis, the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel reports that another unidentified bug is making its way through the clubhouse as well.

First baseman/outfielder Matt Clark was sent home early on Thursday although it’s unclear whether or not he was suffering from allergies or an illness. Head athletic trainer Dan Wright also hasn’t been feeling well of late. Perhaps the CDC may want to send a team down to Maryvale, Ariz. to investigate.

“It’s going around,” Roenicke said. “We’re trying to get a handle on it.”

And getting a handle on it apparently includes a temporary ban on high-fives. Perhaps it would be wise to get rid of the practice altogether. After all, as Jerry once said in “The Dealership,” the classic episode, “Slapping hands is the lowest form of male primate ritual.”

And also a potential pinkeye contagion to boot.

(image credit: Chris Carlson/Associated Press)