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Distracted woman’s nose bloodied by errant pass at Hornets game (video)


A woman seated courtside was on the receiving end of a vicious blow to the face by a basketball courtesy of an errant pass from Lance Stephenson during Wednesday’s Sacramento Kings-Charlotte Hornets game at Time Warner Cable Arena.

The poor lady, seated behind the Hornets bench, certainly didn’t do herself any favors as it relates to avoiding the shot to the schnoz by being enthralled by something on a fellow fan’s phone, as the distraction prevented her from having any idea the ball was hurtling at her face like a heat-seeking missile.

BAM! Ouch. The woman was left with her nose bloodied but reportedly remained in her seat for the rest of her game — apparently more embarrassed than injured — presumably while keeping her head on a swivel at all times. At least let’s hope she learned a valuable lesson about paying attention to the action on the court, despite whatever cat video or inane Facebook post her seatmate was sharing with her.


ESPN reports that the Hornets had no additional information about the woman or the extent of her injuries. Here it is once again.

Back and to the right. Back and to the right. The video is like the basketball-to-the-face equivalent of the Zapruder film.


Baseball fans — especially those nearest the field of along the baselines — typically are warned to pay close attention to the action on the field because a batted ball — or even a bat — can come screaming into the vicinity at any moment. Apparently, the warning should also be issued to basketball fans seated courtside.

(all screengrabs via Twitter)