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LeBron James plays entire game sans headband for first time in NBA career


The headband that circles LeBron James’ forehead and cranium (that just so happens to obscure his receding hairline) is much more than a look for the Cleveland Cavaliers superstar. It’s his in-game attire trademark and Tuesday marked the first time he has stepped on an NBA court without it since a 2003 preseason game during his rookie season.

That is why is was such a curious sight to see James take the court for Tuesday’s showdown with the Dallas Mavericks sans said headband, which some believe was the first time this has occurred in his magnificent 12-year career.

Whether this was simply a case of mixing things up a bit or not, LeBron James played a magnificent game in a 127-94 dismantling of the Mavs, scoring 27 points while dishing out eight assists and hauling down seven rebounds.

LeBron’s new headband-free look comes on the heels of him removing it midway through Saturday’s game against the Phoenix Suns, showcasing a departure from his “signature, receding-hairline-hiding, crown of elastic cloth,” as put it.

“Just happened, spur (of the moment), just took it off,” James said about Saturday’s development that may have inspired Tuesday’s absence of his patented on-court accessory, something that is such a part of his persona that it became a national story after he left it off during a 2013 NBA Finals game after it fell off.

James didn’t say much about the headband — or lack of one — after the win, but Cavs coach David Blatt, an “old-school” guy as he put it Saturday — said after Tuesday’s win he’s in complete support the new look.

“But I’m liking it,” Blatt explained when asked if he knew the reason why James elected not to wear a headband. “He played a great game.”

It’s certainly an odd thing to discuss — whether or not a player is wearing a headband and attempting to infer the meaning behind it — but the fact that people are discussing it demonstrates how much fans are captivated by pretty much anything done by one LeBron James.

(top image credit: CBS Sports/Twitter)