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Amar’e rips Mavs in jacket inspired by Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band (pic)


Dallas Mavericks big man Amar’e Stoudemire laid into his new teammates following a blowout trouncing at the hands of the Cleveland Cavaliers, saying about his relocation to North Texas, “I came here to win.”

While Stoudemire’s passion and competitiveness should be commended in the wake of devastating 127-94 loss — especially from a relative newcomer — he unleashed his tirade upon teammates while wearing a comically absurd jacket that arguably may have come from the “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band Collection,” if there were such a line of clothing inspired by the cover of the Beatles’ classic album.

“This is something we can’t accept,” Stoudemire lamented about the humiliating shellacking, via “We’ve got to find a way to refocus. We’ve got to key into the details of the game of basketball. We can’t cheat the game. We can’t screw around in games and practices and joke around all the time and figure we’re going to win games. This is the pros. It’s the highest level of basketball. We’ve got to act that way.”

Stoudemire, saying that the team, losers of five of seven games, are only a handful of games out of missing the playoffs, said the Mavericks should be more committed each and every time they step out on the court.

“We should be a much better team than what we showed out there. This is a team that’s competing for a championship that we played against. We should have stepped up to the challenge of competing with these guys and we backed down.”

While Stoudemire’s opinion, one that articulates a reasonable expectation for the team, hopefully will resonate with the Mavericks, the fact that his rant came while wearing such a ridiculous jacket may take some of the heat out of his fiery comments. Stoudemire is known for having a “unique” fashion sense, but Tuesday night’s wardrobe choice was next-level.


Let’s just say that Stoudemire hopes that you’ll enjoy the show.