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Gio Gonzalez offers another quote loaded with unintended sexual innuendo


Washington Nationals pitcher Gio Gonzalez apparently can turn an unintentionally hilarious phrase as well as he can spin a curveball.

Gonzalez, obviously somewhat misrepresenting the message he was trying to articulate, explained his bullpen session on Monday as follows:

“I climaxed in the bullpen,” Gonzalez said, per a tweet from MASN Sports’ Chris Johnson. “I felt great there.”

We’re left to assume the bullpen session went well. Really, really well, in fact.

Gonzalez, some may recall, made another inadvertently sexualized and hilarious comment about pitching early on during the 2013 season. Gonzalez, explaining the difficulties of pitching in the typically cooler weather in April, made the following observation: “I felt like I was making love to my hand.” Alrighty then. Whatever that meant.

So, in conclusion, in 2013, Gonzalez felt like he was making love to his hand and in 2015, he climaxed in the bullpen. In other words, if you’re looking for a great quote loaded with unintended sexual innuendo, seek out Gio Gonzalez. He’s sure to provide a good one. At least every other year.

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