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David Wright, Mets host families of slain NYPD officers (photos)


It was reported earlier this week that the New York Mets would be welcoming the families of Rafael Ramos and Wenjian Liu, the two NYPD officers slain execution-style in their squad car in December, to spring training this weekend.

David Wright, whose father was a cop, discussed how much it meant to him personally to host the grieving families as the team makes every effort to make feel them feel welcome and honored.

“The fact that they took the offer to come down and hang out means a lot to us, because obviously with my situation with my father, we’ve got a very close relationship with the police department,” he said, via ESPN. “To have part of that [extended police] family down here means a lot.”

Wright originally reached out to the young men shortly after Ramos and Liu were killed, and said Friday the phone call he madeĀ  to them “was one of the more difficult things I’ve ever had to do.”

“Even if they weren’t Mets fans, I grew up with a police officer as a father,” he added. “The phone call was more about that and not baseball or the Mets.”

Jayden, 13, and Justin, 19, the teenaged sons of Ramos, will be presented with their own Mets jerseys and already have lockers in the team clubhouse, each bearing the name “RAMOS.” Both Jayden and Justin will serve as bat boys during some games this weekend.

(top image courtesy of New York Mets/Twitter)