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Mets prospect Noah Syndergaard apologizes for eating lunch in clubhouse

The New York Mets clubhouse on Tuesday was the sight of quite the row sparked by an ignominiously ill-advised decision by pitching prospect Noah Syndergaard having the audacity of eating lunch in the clubhouse during the team’s intrasquad game.

In clear violation of the so-called “unwritten rules” that pervade MLB clubhouses, Syndergaard’s lunch was promptly thrown in the trash by Mets closer Bobby Parnell and was later called out by team leader David Wright.

Syndergaard, 22, apologized on Wednesday for his ignorant and egregious oversight.

“It was just really a mistake on my part,” Syndergaard said, via ESPN. “It was straight-up ignorance on my part, just thinking I can go in there during a game and grab a quick bite to eat. It’s just a learning experience for me. I should have been on the bench.”

Wright reportedly happened upon Syndergaard enjoying his lunch in the clubhouse after completing his work and called the pitcher out in front of the media, suggesting Syndergaard would be better served watching the pitchers from the dugout.

Parnell put an exclamation point on Wright’s unhappiness with the apparent breach of baseball protocol by disposing of Syndergaard’s lunch, although the 22-year-old admitted Wednesday that Parnell “did it with a smile on his face, so I didn’t feel like he was being malicious about it.”

Syndergaard also revealed on Wednesday that he and Wright have met on multiple occasions to “clear things up a little bit.” He added that everything is fine between himself and the two Mets veterans, adding that he “didn’t think they were picking on me.”

Wright downplayed the entire incident, referring to it as a “nonissue,” although the Mets star wishes the media hadn’t been privy to what transpired.

“I didn’t notice that the media was within earshot,” Wright said. “So that’s what I apologized to Noah for, is now he has to answer questions, I have to answer questions, [manager] Terry [Collins] has to answer questions. And that’s not the way I like to handle things. I wasn’t aware of my surroundings.”

Apparently, Syndergaard wasn’t aware of his surroundings, either. Which led to the impromptu but necessary administration of clubhouse justice. Too bad about his lunch, though.

(photo credit: NY Post, Anthony J. Causi)