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‘Ndamukong $uh’ billboards springing up all over Detroit (pics)


It’s safe to say that there are many Detroit Lions fans unhappy about the team’s decision not to slap the franchise tag on Ndamukong Suh. There apparently appears to be a contingent of folks in the Detroit area who believe it is all Suh’s fault.

Billboards have been springing up all over Detroit that characterize Suh as greedy, as evidenced by the replacement of the “S” in his surname with a dollar sign.

The identities of the individuals behind the billboards are unknown, but apparently are the same folks who sponsored the “Detroit Lyin'” billboards following the controversial referee calls during the team’s playoff game against the Dallas Cowboys in January, according to a Detroit Free-Press report.

Regardless of their exact identities, it’s abundantly clear that they are Lions fans who are miffed at the inordinately absurd amount it would have or will cost the team, either through the use of the franchise tag or otherwise, to retain Suh’s services.

Granted, it would have cost the Lions a king’s ransom to franchise Suh — something in the range of $27 million — so it’s difficult to blame the team for making an arguably sound financial decision. But the decision not to pony up that kind of money by franchising Suh allowed the standout defensive lineman to hit the free agent market, where he will make a killing no matter the team with which he ultimately signs.

Perhaps what is upsetting the Lions fans behind the billboards the most is that negotiations stalled between Suh and the team. And with less than a week until Suh can sign with any team of his choosing, time is running out, especially with the three-day free agent negotiating window opening Saturday.

In the end, whether it’s due to Suh’s greed or the Lions’ refusal to make him the highest paid defensive lineman in the NFL — or some combination of both — one thing is clear: A contingent of Lions fans are letting billboards articulate which party they believe will be most at fault should Suh not be wearing a Lions uniform next season.

(top image credit: Dave Birkett/DFP)