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Curt Schilling calls vulgar tweets ‘a crime,’ vows to ‘pursue all legal options’


Curt Schilling has continued his offensive against the individuals who made vulgar comments on social media about his teenaged daughter by threatening legal action against some of those who participated in the commentary.

Regarding the vulgar comments made on Twitter — some that included mentions of rape — in reaction to his tweet congratulating his daughter Gabby on being accepted to a college, Schilling argued that the individuals behind them were “malicious” and the tweets were an attempt to “destroy my daughter.”

Because of that, Schilling said all legal options currently are on the table.

“There is going to be — potentially — legal implications with a couple of these. They were that bad,” Schilling told “CBS This Morning.” “I plan to pursue all legal options. Let’s just say that.”

Schilling’s comments on the CBS morning show echoed what he previously stated in a telephone interview on Tuesday with USA Today.

“I’m looking at the legal paths we’d like to go down,” Schilling said. “This is a crime. My daughter is a minor and there are men who threatened her sexually. There are going to be some men who have the word sex offender attached to their name for the rest of their lives.

Referring to Twitter and other form of social media as “real life,” Schilling nevertheless chose not to blame the Internet as an entity for the actions of a few.

“This is not Twitter’s fault or the Internet. That’s like blaming Ford for someone being run over. This is people,” Schilling said. “None of these people want to be connected to anything they said. There’s a reason for that. Now the goal is, if you’re a young lady and being harassed, first of all it’s against the law. As a young lady and a human, no one, anywhere, ever, is allowed to talk to you that way. Under any circumstances. If you’re a man and you do this, you’re not (a man). Being a man is about having integrity. This isn’t a mistake. This is a malicious attempt to be evil, and if you talk like this you’re a piece of garbage.”

Several individuals singled out by Schilling on Twitter and/or in a post on his blog, reportedly have been already disciplined for their alleged role in the Twitter-spawned firestorm, including Sean MacDonald, a part-time ticket-taker for the New York Yankees, who was fired by the team for his vulgar tweets.

Schilling claims to know of a total of nine individuals, including MacDonald, who have been punished in some capacity for their respective tweets. He also added that he has been contacted by the FBI and local law enforcement agencies about the potential of possible criminal charges.

“This will follow them the rest of their lives,” said Schilling. “And for some of these guys, I’ll make sure it does.”

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