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Browns offensive coordinator wants Johnny Manziel ‘obsessed’ with football


When John DeFilippo was hired in January as the Cleveland Browns offensive coordinator, it was an encouraging sign for the quarterbacks on the roster, including Johnny Manziel … in certain respects.

DeFilippo came in with a reputation throughout his young career of being able to develop quarterbacks, and on Tuesday he explained what he expects out of the Browns signal-caller, despite the uncertainty who exactly who will be under center once the 2015 NFL begins.

To put it plainly, DeFilippo expects quarterbacks under his tutelage to eat, drink, breathe and sleep quarterbacking. He spelled out what he intends to say at the first meeting with whichever quarterbacks are on the roster.

“It’s truly a lifestyle to be an NFL quarterback,” DeFilippo said Tuesday during an interview on WKNR-AM, via “It’s not just a job. It’s all-consuming. You need to sleep, eat, do everything fast and just think about football all the time. The great ones have an obsession with it. You watch the Peyton Manning’s … those guys are obsessed with football. And you talk about quarterback lifestyle, in our first meeting, that’s what we’re going to talk about with those guys.”

While DeFilippo was not specifically discussing Manziel in the above comments, he later did say the soon-to-be second-year quarterback wasn’t done any favors as it relates to being prepared for the NFL game with the offense the quarterback operated at Texas A&M, referring to it as “limited” and suggesting Manziel “just needs experience playing the game at this level.”

Given that DeFilippo, upon his introduction as the team’s new offensive coordinator, said that the Browns are “not sure if our starting quarterback is in the building right now or not,” it wasn’t a good sign for Manziel from the onset.

Add on the fact that DeFilippo expects quarterbacks to be “obsessed” with football — something Manziel clearly was unable or unwilling to do during his rookie year, so much so that he felt compelled to seek treatment in February — and it looks like Johnny Football will have an uphill climb to get into his new coordinator’s good graces. At the same time, such rigid and high expectations may be just what Manziel needs.

In any event, at this point it looks like Browns owner Jimmy Haslam at least has Manziel’s back. For now.