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Giants infielder Matt Duffy again rocking ‘Duffman’ on his bat knobs (photo)


Given the easy leap from his surname to “Duffman,” the enthusiastically psychotic beer pitchman from “The Simpsons,” it’s hardly a surprise that San Francisco Giants infielder Matt Duffy has gravitated towards adopting the moniker as part of his baseball identity.

But that doesn’t make it any less cool.

As was the case late last season (above), Duffy is again utilizing “Duffman” as the featured image on the knobs of his bats. He posted a photo to Twitter Tuesday providing evidence that the bats feature decals specifically designed for spring training in Scottsdale, Ariz., as evidenced by Duffman regally standing in the foreground with mountains and cacti framing his jocularly intoxicating image.

Given the typically arid climate where the Giants work out winter’s kinks and prepare for the regular season, it’s possible that Duffy could approach a Scottsdale Stadium groundskeeper, point to a spot in the field in need of watering and say, “This brown spot needs a little H2-oh, yeah!”

Either that or Duffy simply could thrust in the direction of the problematic stretch of grass. Yeah.