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Matt Barnes blasts NBA for Harden’s one-game suspension for kicking LeBron


Los Angeles Clippers forward Matt Barnes blasted the NBA for the league’s one-game suspension of James Harden for kicking LeBron James in the groin during Sunday’s Houston Rockets-Cleveland Cavaliers game, arguing the league has a double standard when it comes to doling out punishment.

Barnes took to Twitter on Sunday night to articulate his disagreement and disappointment with the NBA’s punishment, tweeting, “BY THE WAY I GET FINNED 25k 4 KICKING A GATORADE CUP… LET ME KICK LEBON & THE @NBA WOULD TRY & PUT ME IN JAIL.”

Barnes, a notorious hothead at times, has been fined a total of $50,000 this season for two separate incidents, once involving his use of “inappropriate language” toward a fan during a Jan. 25 game against the Phoenix Suns and for kicking a water bottle into the stands and swearing during a Dec. 13 game against the Washington Wizards, per a Los Angeles Times report.

The fiery Clippers player on Monday joked with reporters ahead of the team’s game against the Minnesota Timberwolves that he “might have been making my one phone call to you guys right now” had he been the one lowering the foot-boom on LeBron’s crotch.

The Times report chronicled how this isn’t the first time Barnes has taken to social media to bemoan fines, albeit on the following occasions, the fines were assessed to him.

“I’ve been fined 50k in the last mnth for kicking a “PAPER” Gatorade cup that had alil bit of water in it that didn’t even hit anyone &….

“Responding to an OWNER who cussed at me first.. 50,000 dollars for that?? Come on now!

“I might need to find a second job with all these crazy tecs & fines. I Can see it now LA TIMES.. “Costco worker by day nba player by night”

Barnes may have a point about the inconsistency of how the NBA doles out fines, but given his history that includes other fines and a handful of suspensions during his career, it’s not surprising that the league tends to come down a bit harder on him than others.

It also isn’t the first time Barnes has complained of the league’s double standard as it relates to fines. In 2013, he also took to Twitter to blast how the league elected to fine, but not suspend, Serge Ibaka for a low blow on Clippers teammate Blake Griffin.

In other words, it’s more of the same from Barnes, although his gripes to have some basis in fact. Although in his most immediate complaint, Barnes can feel assured that it’s unlikely he would have had to ask a reporter to bail him out of jail.