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Jon Stewart kicked Seth Rollins in the balls on ‘Monday Night Raw’ (video)


One of the most amusing pop culture “feuds” in recent memory culminated on Monday night with a diminutive talk show host kicking a beefy WWE star straight in the junk with a left foot of staged but hilarious fury.

Jon Stewart of “The Daily Show” fame had the last laugh delivered in the form of a sneaky-fast kick delivered to the groin of Seth Rollins during Monday’s broadcast of WWE’s “Monday Night Raw.”

Using the time-honored squared-circle gambit of taking advantage of distracted-but-superior opponent, Stewart unloaded a crotch-shot for the ages on Rollins, who had briefly turned his attention away due to Stewart’s astute act of capitalizing on the entrance of Randy Orton.

Stewart wisely scurried out of the ring when given the chance, showing that he’s as smart as he is crafty.

The entire “feud” started a few weeks ago when Rollins called out Stewart and his eventual departure from Comedy Central program by claiming he could ““take over as host of ‘The Daily Show’ for John Stewart and make that thing actually watchable.”

Stewart responded in kind with a hilariously foreboding promo in which he warned Rollins that he had messed with the wrong guy and that he was coming after Rollins in the form of “160 pounds of dynamite.”

Rollins fired back and later made a “surprise” appearance on “The Daily Show” during the closing “Moment of Zen” bit when he invited Stewart to join him at “Raw” on Monday, after which the wrestler put Stewart in a headlock.

Stewart of course accepted Rollins’ invite, resulting in the comically absurd scene of the pop culture icon kicking Rollins straight in the balls.

As hackneyed pro wrestling bits go, it was about as good as it gets.

The entire showdown, which begins with Rollins assuming the role of “The Daily Show” host, follows.

“How could I make a fool out of a man dressed like a SWAT team stripper with Lady Gaga’s hair?” Stewart cracked. Zing.

One can only venture to guess where this goes next.