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Yu Darvish busts out a ‘bulls–t’ during his first English-only presser


Texas Rangers pitcher Yu Darvish for the first time Sunday held a press conference in which he answered all the questions in English. And given that his commitment to the team last season was called into question, perhaps it wasn’t surprising to hear the Japanese phenom sprinkle his comments with a minor dose of profanity.

Darvish was shut down last season in August with “mild elbow inflammation,” an injury setback that ultimately ended his 2014 campaign seven weeks early. His dedication to the team was called into question, including a few media members and even some of his teammates, but it later was learned following an MRI that he had suffered a more serious injury than originally believed and that pitching with the damage to his ulnar collateral ligament could have had negative long-term effects.

Given how the story played out, Darvish, during his first chance of spring training to discuss the issue, emphatically denied that the decision to not return from the injury during an otherwise lost season indicated that he somehow let down his teammates and the organization.

“That’s bull—-,” Darvish told reporters Sunday, per Star-Telegram.

“After I got an MRI and it showed it was bad and I had a ligament injury, after that I changed my mind,” he added. “Some people talked about that, that I, Yu Darvish, quit the team. I never quit the team. I love my teammates, this ballclub. I never did that. I never did that in my life. That’s not true.”

Given that this was his first English-only press conference, the fact that Darvish, who also indicated he suffered a burning sensation when trying to pitch with the injury, expanded upon his colorful quote shows that the 28-year-old pitcher is becoming more and more acclimated to playing in the States heading into his fourth season with the Rangers.

“I’m so happy every day,” Darvish said about his current state of mind following an offseason where he apparently made a concerted effort to improve his relationship with teammates.

Busting out a well-timed expletive during his first presser in English certainly will help him seem like one of the guys.

(photo credit: Rick Scuteri/USA TODAY Sports)