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Nearby resident reportedly calls cops over Baltimore Orioles’ crowd noise drill


A resident living nearby the Baltimore Orioles’ spring training facilities in Sarasota, Fla., reportedly called police to complain about the excessive loudness emanating Ed Smith Stadium on Friday during a team exercise staged to prepare players for crowd noise.

Peter Schmuck of the Baltimore Sun reports that the team was blaring the Camden Yards crowd’s eruptive reaction to Delmon Young’s base-clearing double in the bottom of the eighth inning during last season’s 7-6 ALDS Game 2 comeback win against the Detroit Tigers.

Showalter and the Orioles apparently were blasting the crowd noise through Ed Smith Stadium’s PA system as players fielded pop flies in an effort to help them learn how to communicate and avoid collisions when fans are cheering.

“We teach it that the infielder always stays up and the outfielder always goes down,” Showalter told the Baltimore Sun about how the team will work on such drills during spring training. “There’s times when a ball’s coming down and neither guy is sure if they can catch it, but you have to give him the confidence to keep moving toward the ball, so our infielders know they’re never going to have a head-to-head collision. They know the outfielders are always going to go feet first.”

Whatever the reason behind the drill, some presumably cranky neighbor to the stadium didn’t appreciate the noise pollution generated by the team, consarn it.

[New York Daily News, photo credit: Baltimore Sun]