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Feud between Jon Stewart, Seth Rollins comes to a head(lock) (video)


Things have been remarkably quiet in the hilarious smack talk feud that has been going on between Jon Stewart of “The Daily Show” and his pro wrestler foil, WWE star Seth Rollins.

But on Thursday, with Seth Rollins invading “The Daily Show” set during the patented “Moment of Zen” that ends every program, everything came to a head. Make that a headlock.

As Stewart was closing out Thursday’s show, Rollins “overtook” the “Moment of Zen” video to offer up some serious smack talk. As is the case with the show’s “remote” reports, Rollins was actually in the studio as Stewart unleashed some trash talk, with the wrestler stalking the host from the shadows.

Once the jig was up and Stewart realized the wrestler was standing behind him, Rollins invited Stewart to show up at next week’s taping of “Monday Night Raw,” an invitation which Stewart kind of accepted but sort of tried to weasel out of at the same time.

The bit closed with Stewart attempting to put Rollins in a headlock which the WWE star of course reversed into a headlock of the host.

All good stuff and clearly all in good fun.

The amusing but clearly manufactured feud all began when Rollins called out Stewart during a “WWE Raw” broadcast, saying that he could “take over as host of ‘The Daily Show’ for Jon Stewart and make that thing actually watchable.”

Stewart responded in kind with a promo in which he attempts to play the intimidating tough guy by threatening Rollins and warning the wrestler that he had “stepped in a world of hurt.” Stewart also identified himself as “160 pounds of dynamite.”

Rollins then responded to Stewart by issuing a warning back by saying Stewart knows where to find him, bringing us to the culmination of their feud courtesy of a face-to-face meet-and-greet.

Whether or not Stewart actually “accepts” Rollins’ invitation to show up at “Raw” or not — and then whether or not the two actually “wrestle” — remains to be seen, one thing is certain: The so-called war of words has been an amusing “feud” featuring two people from substantially disparate corners of the pop culture world.