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Urban Meyer’s offshore seafaring cruise odyssey has come to an end


At long last, Ohio State Buckeyes head football coach Urban Meyer, along with the other passengers of the cruise ship he was stranded on off the Florida coast, are on dry land.

Meyer, and approximately 2,500 other passengers — including former Buckeyes players and fans, his wife Sherri and daughter Gigi — embarked last week upon a seafaring tour of the Gulf of Mexico in a unique fundraising endeavor for cancer research. The Royal Caribbean cruise ship “Brilliance of the Seas” was supposed to dock in Florida on Monday, but heavy fog made a safe approach to shore impossible, as evidenced by a photo posted to social media by former Buckeyes player Dustin Fox.


The odyssey finally came to an end on Tuesday night, when Meyer and company finally made it shore in Tampa Bay. While the trip was extended an extra 36 hours due to the fog, no one was any worse for wear after their high seas adventure on the ship some jokingly referred to as “Urban’s Island.”

Time was passed with some former Buckeyes players engaging in a rousing round of karaoke, which must have been a real treat.

Tom Thiry, a former president of the Ohio State Alumni Club of Greater Cleveland, told by telephone Thursday night what the scene was like once Meyer was ashore.

“I saw Urban a half an hour ago,” Thiry said. “He was standing in line with Shelley and his luggage. It shows that no amount of prestige or money could have gotten you off this ship.

“Someone said that Urban can win a national championship with a third-string quarterback, but he can’t tackle the fog.”

Indeed. But in the end, despite the unplanned extension of the seagoing sojourn, Meyer and company raised over $2 million on the ill-fated by charitably successful “Buckeye Cruise for Cancer.”

“We are good. No worries,” Meyer told The Columbus Dispatch via text message on Tuesday while still stranded out at sea. “We raised upward of $2 million for [The Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center — Arthur G. James Cancer Hospital and Richard J. Solove Research Institute]. However, we are ready to get home.”

Eventually, they did.

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