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Nick Saban, wife respond to Crimson Tide fan’s wedding invite (pics)


Casey Marriott obviously didn’t expect a response of any kind when she mailed off an invitation to her impending nuptials to Alabama Crimson Tide head coach Nick Saban and his wife, Terry. Was she ever surprised with what happened next as a result of her seemingly silly decision.

“I ended up sending the invitation to the Athletic Department in Tuscaloosa,” Mariott told the Yellowhammer News. “I am sure I could have found his address, but I thought that might be a little creepy. I got his RSVP last week, and then I got an envelope in the mail from the Alabama Football Department. Freaking out, I opened it and was shocked!”

Much to the delight of Marriott, an Alabama alum and huge Crimson Tide fan, not only did the Sabans RSVP, they also sent along a keepsake that she surely will treasure for years.

Along with the RSVP which expressed the Sabans’ regrets that they could not attend the wedding, an autographed photo of the couple also was found in the envelope.


Roll Tide, indeed.

“It really shows what great people Terry and Nick are,” Mariott said, who will be married to Brandon Jones — a Tennessee Volunteers fan (GASP!) — on March 14. “It was probably just something small and meaningless for them, but it is something I will cherish forever and helps make my wedding process so special.”

Saban isn’t the first big-time sports personality to respond to a wedding invitation — although it’s likely that his wife had more to do with it than the Crimson Tie coach. Peyton Manning once returned an RSVP expressing his regrets that he wouldn’t be able to attend a fan’s fall wedding, what with the NFL season and all occupying his time.

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