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Michael Sam trolls TMZ guy by saying he’s getting married in Westeros (video)


Granted, being in the employ of TMZ doesn’t require a thorough knowledge of the goings-on in pop culture, but they way in which Michael Sam expertly trolled one of the gossip site’s reporters with “Game of Thrones” references in regard to his wedding plans was flat-out brilliant.

Sam was approached by a TMZ video crew at Los Angeles International Airport, where he was asked about his recent engagement to Vito Cammisano. Sam was then asked about any wedding plans.

“Well, the plan was getting married in Westeros,” Sam said, referencing the fictional land of the Seven Kingdoms in the George R.R. Martin series of phenomenal books, “A Song of Ice and Fire,” and the fantastic HBO series based upon it.

“Where?” the TMZ guy asks a couple of times, adding, “I’m not familiar.”

“Westeros,” Sam repeated. “Westeros, where the Iron Throne is. We really don’t know where it is, that’s where I want to go … Hopefully, Daenerys can get her ass there real soon” before making additional references indicating that he is a fan of the books as well as the series.

“Is that in Greece?” asks the clearly confused TMZ reporter.

“No,” Sam replies.

Gold. TMZ even had a little fun at the cameraman’s expense by noting it’s the “[l]ast time we send Hodor out in the field …”

Well played.

For what it’s worth, TMZ dude may want to spend some time either reading the books or watching the series, as both are fantastic. Okay, it’s likely that this kind of guy may opt for the show as opposed to reading, you know, an actual book. Just a hunch.

[H/T For the Win, photo credit: USATSI)