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LeBron James forced to backpedal after taking shot at sponsor McDonald’s


When a company pays a person a lot of money to promote its brand, conventional wisdom suggests that said person shouldn’t take shots at the company he or she endorses. If only LeBron James would have realized that on Tuesday before he stuck his foot in his mouth while talking to reporters by opining upon relative unhealthiness of food offered by McDonald’s.

James is getting up there in years — as NBA players go — and as he approached the age of 30 over the past few seasons, he’s realized he has to take better care of himself and his body if he hopes to remain in peak physical condition.

James underwent a serious transformation during the offseason, losing a significant amount of weight while committing to a Paleo diet-inspired meal plan.

During a discussion with reporters about how he came to realize he had to make changes to his lifestyle in consideration of his career, James inadvertently — and tangentially — slammed McDonald’s.

When asked during Tuesday’s team shootaround about when he started being more serious about lifting weights, James had this to say.

“Umm, 24. I ate McDonald’s my first couple years in the NBA,” James replied, per “I didn’t stretch. It didn’t matter. I was 18 and I could do whatever I wanted to.”

Let’s just assume that McDonald’s probably didn’t appreciate the comment. In other words, they likely won’t be “lovin’ it.”

Obviously, it was a considerable faux pas by the usually savvy James given the absurd amount of money the restaurant likely has paid James over the years to promote its brand in commercials and otherwise.

James, showing he’s as quick on his feet getting out of a jam off the court as he is driving the lane on it, quickly attempted to recover from the perceptible slight to the fast food giant.

“Every day. Every day. Every day,” James said when asked when was the last time he feasted upon food from the Golden Arches, a response that reportedly elicited laughter from the media. “I had it this morning. Egg and sausage McMuffin. All day.”