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DeAngelo Williams says ‘nobody’ from Panthers attended mother’s funeral


DeAngelo Williams made the announcement on Monday that he is to be released by the Carolina Panthers. The running back revealed the information during an interview with WBTV.

It’s hardly a surprise that the Panthers may opt to cut him loose. Given his advancing age (31) and costly contract, Williams arguably is expendable, especially in light of how well Jonathan Stewart played down the stretch last season.

Williams said that he’s not particularly bitter over the team’s apparent decision to move on. In fact, he actually says he’s bothered more about how little he’s disappointed over his imminent release.

The running back however did admit he remains hurt with how he says the team failed to sufficiently show support following the death of his mother after she passed away last year following a long battle with breast cancer.

Williams said that “no one” from the Panthers organization attended the funeral.

“When she died, I called Coach Rivera,” Williams said, via Eye on Football. “Right after that, Dave Gettleman called. He was like ‘Man, we’re praying for you.’ I was like ‘I really appreciate it, thank you so much.’ That was the end. That was it. No one came to the funeral. The owner didn’t reach out.”

Williams later conceded one member of the team showed up at the funeral, but it wasn’t anybody from the front office. Instead, it was teammate Greg Hardy.

Williams did admit that owner Jerry Richardson wrote him a letter about his mother’s passing after the running back penned a touching tribute to her for SI’s “Monday Morning Quarterback” column.

He added that it made him “so upset” with how the Panthers handled the entire situation, especially after how she was a central figure over a period of several years during the team’s annual participation in the NFL’s Breast Cancer Awareness initiative that occurs every October.

Teams routinely rally around a player who has experienced a tremendous personal loss, especially when it involves the death of a loved one. It’s strange to think that the Panthers didn’t do more to support Williams, if what he accuses the team of doing is accurate, and there’s really no reason to suspect he’s lying about it.

(photo credit: AP/Brian Blanco)