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Browns president on ‘new’ logos: Changes to uniforms will be ‘more radical’


The Cleveland Browns on Tuesday unveiled changes to the team’s official logos and helmet and the response to the updates was underwhelming, to put it mildly, mainly because the changes themselves were more or less mildly underwhelming.

“Updating” the logos was merely the first stage of an overhaul of the Browns brand, and team president Alec Scheiner indicated Tuesday that “more radical” changes are in store when the team redesigns its uniform.

While the uniforms won’t be officially unveiled until a special event scheduled for April 14, the work on them reportedly has been going for two years, and Scheiner indicated the new unis will “move the uniform farther ahead than the logo,” which arguably would not take much.

“We’re excited about (the new uniforms),” said Scheiner, per a report from’s Mary Kay Cabot. “Once again, what’s important is we push ourselves forward, match the energy and forward-thinking of the city, but link to our tradition and respect our tradition which is an incredible tradition.”

Defending the seemingly insubstantial alterations to the team’s logos, Scheiner said the organization is “very respectful” of the tradition of the logos. And while minor, the changes to the logos are only a component of “what we’re doing at the stadium” and how “what we do with the uniforms will help us connect with our younger fan base too.”

Scheiner stated the team is walking a fine line as it tries to update significant aspects of the team’s identity while honoring its history.

“We’re always trying to strike the balance (between moving forward and tradition),” Scheiner added. “I feel like with the Nike and the NFL and the people in our building, we’ve done a really good job with that. Even though it will be more radical in the mark evolution, we’re still kind of keeping the things our fans care about.”

He also noted that while minor, the shade of orange used in the new logo “brings more energy and vibrancy,” while also providing “a hint of what’s to come with the new uniforms.”

Given the disappointing response to the so-called “new” logos, the Browns better pull out all the stops with the new unis.