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Dodgers prospect Julio Urias lost 20 pounds by limiting taco intake


Los Angeles Dodgers pitching prospect Julio Urias has dropped about 20 pounds this past offseason through hard work and dedication … and cutting back significantly on tacos.

Urias, an 18-year-old prospect with seemingly limitless potential, worked with a nutritionist in his native Venezuela and overhauled his diet, ultimately dropping from 222 to 203 pounds.

The prospect was inspired to get into better shape last fall after meeting Dodgers icon Fernando Valenzuela, a pitcher to which he is often compared. But the onus was on Urias to put in the work, which he did. And a lot of that involved the aforementioned curbing of his intake of tacos.

“It was a sacrifice, but it’s part of your job,” Urias said about his offseason dedication to getting into shape, via USA TODAY. “I still ate tacos, but I would eat one instead of four or five like before.”

Dropping from four or five tacos to only one seems like a big deal. Between his offseason work and potential, the Dodgers are expecting a lot from the young man.

“He’s the total package,” Dodgers general manager Farhan Zaidi told USA TODAY Sports. “He’s got a great delivery, three pitches he commands and tremendous poise.”

And the ability, determination and discipline to turn down tacos. That puts him far and above me when it comes to taco discipline, although that’s not really saying much.

(photo credit: USA TODAY Sports)