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Charles Barkley no longer the athlete with the world’s worst golf swing (vid)


It’s hard to fathom a professional athlete, current or otherwise, that could plumb the depths of herky-jerky hilarity that is the awfulness of Charles Barkley’s golf swing.

But that’s before footage surfaced of motocross/supercross star James “Bubba” Stewart apparently attempting a drive on a tee box.

A video posted by James Stewart (@therealjs7) on

Sweet sassy molassey. It’s like a full body dry heave in golf shoes. Seriously, words can scarcely describe exactly what Stewart is doing here. There is way one could explain his swing to another person except for saying, “Watch the video, man. Watch the video.”

As noted by Eye on Golf, Stewart has been called “The Tiger Woods of Supercross.” But he was referred to by that moniker before Woods developed a horrible case of the yips, meaning it was supposed to be complimentary. He may dominate in his sport, but in light of this video, we could arguably makes him “The Tiger Woods of Amateur Golf.” Unfair cheap shot? Yeah, probably. But man, watching that swing can do strange things to a person.

On his post to Instagram — yes, he posted this video himself — Stewart admits that he was having “[s]erious mental issues committing to the shot.” That’s a severe understatement.

A person may want to model themselves after Barkley when it comes to taking savage shots at enemies, but not golf. Definitely not golf.